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About Us

The Pumpkin Pamper Parties is here to provide you with best spa, makeover party experience.

we love pamper parties, we love them so much that we do them for living!

i have worked extremely hard to train and grow my own vegan spa party company for kids, teens in London.  

children's pamper parties has been my profession for more then 10 years and its lifetime achievement for my company.

Pumpkin pamper parties is a vegan, cruelty free Pamper party company for kids in London and south east of the UK. we providing cruelty free pamper parties for kids, teens in London and other cities, we have different spa party packages for kids, Teens, sleepover and slumber parties, which you will most definitely have wonderful pamper party experience with our company Pumpkin Pamper Parties By Zara. 

1. So what is Spa party? 

A spa party is an informal birthday party where smaller to medium sized groups of people, often ladies and girls for pamper party style events, get together for a pamper.

2. so what is pamper party?

A pamper party is a party to celebrate an event or milestone which is celebrated by all of the party guest getting relaxing spa style beauty treatment which often include face mask and cucumber. manicure, pedicures, facial, massages and more.

3. what are the benefits of throwing a spa or pamper party?

The benefit are endless, with not just your skin and feet and body feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and soft and smooth but your mind also feels relaxed. Enjoying a spa or pamper party is good for your body,mood and your overall stress levels become reduced and you feel much more able to get on with life after looking after your self.

4. How early should i book my party?

The earlier the better. sometimes the customers book a full 6 months in advance. its best to book 1 month before so we can accommodate you and any less chance to miss out your booking. please contact us to check if we can fit you on your preferred date and time.

5. How do i book my party?

Its easy and simple, Click on the Contact Us and complete the question and we get back to you to confirm the details.

if you also prefer you also can call us on 02071939436 or send us email

6. Do you need to pay a Deposit? 

To secure your Booking we take small amount of deposit which will to paid to the company account. 

7. How can i Make Payment? 

 will We accept either Cash on the day or direct bank transfer , ( payment method can be arranged before the party).


We pride ourselves in natural beauty, inner happiness and our parties


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